Book Review: The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Fairies

Some light reading for a warm summer’s night…..

A Witch's Sacred Journey

The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Fairies: Your Complete Guide to the Magick of the Fae by Sky Alexander

Adams Media, 978-1507215913, 256 pages, June 2021

…. When you hear the word “fairy”. What image comes to mind? A miniature girl with gossamer wings and a sparkly dress, a la Disney’s version of Tinker Bell? A benevolent creature who flies about sprinkling fairy dust everywhere, waving her wand to make children’s wishes come true? if so, you are in for a surprise……Like unicorns and mermaids, these magickal entities have been denatured by pop culture, robbed of their mystique and majesty. The fairies of old were nothing like the sugar coated cartoon characters we envision today. They were powerful beings of a semi-divine nature, who may have descended from the gods and goddesses. According to some tales, they served as the prototypes from which the human race evolved… 1.

The Modern Witchcraft…

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