Bonus Post for 30-Days of Samhain 2021

Book ReviewDark Goddess Magick: Rituals and Spells for Reclaiming Your Feminine Fire by C. Ara Campbell

Publisher: Fair Winds Press.192pages.9.14.2021

…. Deep transformation occurs when we connect to the ancient wisdom of the dark goddesses. Through her practices and rituals, we can reshape our world. By embrac­ing our darkness and dancing with our shadows, we embrace the truth of all that we are. The wisdom in these myths aids us in finding our truth….C. Ara Campbell

Dark Goddess Magick: Rituals and Spells for Reclaiming Your Feminine Fireby C. Ara Campbell is a thoughtful book that expands on the traditional Goddesses associated with darker magick and introduces the reader to a darker side of many others normally favored for their gentler and more nurturing nature. Twenty (20) Goddesses grace this book from a variety of pantheons and cultures which offers up the theme of dark and powerful energy residing throughout. These include Hecate, Kali, the Morrighan and Lilith; as well as Aradia, Spider Woman, Yemaya and Persephone. Persephone is a perfect example of thinking outside of the usual attributes of being the “victim” and in this writing she becomes the transformer and bridge between the worlds of separation, loss and love…

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Bonus Post 30-Days of Samhain: Book Review-Dark Goddess Magick

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